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ARTH 220 (Renaissance Art in Europe) Course Guide: Find Reference Books

This guide is intended to help students in ART 220 find resources for their research.

What are reference books?

Reference books are great sources for finding facts and background information. On this page, you will find lists of reference books that may contain useful information for your assignments. For additional reference books on your topic, come to the library for help! 

Art History Books

The Art Book

Location: 703 ART 2016

An A-Z guide to 600 great artists from medieval to modern times. Each artist is represented by a full-page colour plate of a definitive work, accompanied by explanatory information on the image and its creator. 

Art in Detail: 100 Masterpieces

Location: 750.11 HOD 2016

Art in Detail analyzes the fine details of 100 well-known works of art, including artistic techniques and hidden symbols. The book also examines external factors that shaped each artist's work. 

History of Art

Location: 709 JAN 2001

Covers art of the ancient world, stone age art, Assyrian art, Persian art, Minoan art, Roman art, Early Christian and Byzantine art, Early Medieval art, Romanesque art and Gothic art.

Art Past, Art Present

Location: 709 WIL 2001

Covers the Paleolithic period, Neolithic art and architecture, Egyptian pyramids and temples, Assyrian and early Persian art, Greek sculpture and architecture, Hellenistic art, Early Buddhist art, Roman architecture, and more.