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ART 220 (Renaissance Art in Europe) Course Guide: Home

This guide is intended to help students in ART 220 find resources for their research.

In this guide

The following guide provides you with art books, ebooks, and online resources to help you get started with your research. For additional help finding sources, ask a librarian! 

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Recommended Books

Renaissance Art
Location: Reserve

Through engaging discussion of timeless works by artists such as Jan van Eyck, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo, and supported by illustrations including color plates, the author explores the truly original and diverse character of the art of the Renaissance.

Viewing Renaissance Art
Location: 4 Day Reserve

This book focuses on the values, priorities, and motives of patrons and the purposes and functions of art works produced north and south of the Alps and in post-Byzantine Crete. 

Renaissance art : a very short introduction
Location: 709.024 JOH 2005

Botticelli, Holbein, Leonardo, Dürer, Michelangelo: the names are familiar, as are the works, such as the Last Supper fresco, or the monumental marble statue of David. But who were these artists, why did they produce such memorable images, and how would their original beholders have viewed these objects? 

A New History of Italian Renaissance Art
Location: 4 Day Reserves

The authors recount the history of Italian Renaissance art in the form of a decade-by-decade survey, one that highlights the achievements of the period’s great artists while also drawing connections between works produced in different places. 

Italian Renaissance Art
Location: 709.45 ADA 2014

Now thoroughly revised and updated throughout, featuring extended discussions of Mannerism and the expanding role of women in the visual arts and significant illustration program enhancements, Italian Renaissance Art is a readable, student-friendly, lavishly-illustrated introduction to one of the greatest periods of artistic genius in western history.

History of Italian Renaissance Art: Painting, Sculpture, Architecture
Location: 709.45 HAR 1994

A broad survey of art and architecture in Italy between c. 1250 and 1600, this book approaches the works from the point of view of the artist as individual creator and as an expression of the city within which the artist was working.

Northern Renaissance Art
Location: 4 day Reserves

This book offers a wide-ranging introduction to the way that art was made, valued, and viewed in northern Europe in the age of the Renaissance, from the late fourteenth to the early years of the sixteenth century.

Key Resources