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SOCI 230: Course Guide (Veronica): Start Here


Welcome to the SOCI 230 course guide for Veronica Alfaro's class. This page provides quick access to important resources. Use the tabs at the top of the page to find more information on finding and using sources.

Using Sources: The BEAM Method

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Find Books, Articles & News: Search the Library

Notes on Finding Academic Articles with the Library Main Search

Academic articles are written by experts and published in specialized journals. Many academic journals are "peer reviewed": articles are only accepted after approval by several other experts. Here are some essential steps for choosing appropriate articles for your assignment:

1. After you do a keyword search, click the "Peer Reviewed" button above the list of sources and below the search box.

2. Use simple keywords, and be prepared to try different keywords and combinations of them. Researchers rarely enter the best keywords in the first search they do.

3. Assess sources for usefulness by clicking the title and reading the abstract. Choosing sources thoughtfully - the first result you see is often not the best. Sometimes it may be completely off-topic!

Top Picks: Academic Article Databases

*Note: Make sure you click the limiter for peer-reviewed journal articles (also called "scholarly" or "academic journals). All of these databases contain a mix of academic and other sources (eg news, magazine articles, book reviews, etc.).

Top Picks: News Articles

Both database below are ProQuest databases, so they look a bit different from the EBSCOhost databases you might be used to searching. To help familiarize yourself with Canadian Major Dailies & CBCA, check out Proquest's help guide.

Top Pick: Statistics 

Statista is a great source of statistics related to consumers, employment, and businesses. Search statista using a few keywords related to your topic. Access Statista below: