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Microsoft Word: Formatting Your Paper

A guide to formatting your paper using Microsoft Word 2010.

Creating Running Headers

You may be required to have a heading that repeats on every page, called a running header.

To create a running header:

1. Double click the area at the very top of the page. If you click in the correct area, you will be able to type in the header and the Header & Footer Tools tab will appear.

2. Type the text you want to appear at the top of every page. Your instructor may give you specific instructions. Use the options available in the Header & Footer Tools to customize your header.

If you are required to submit a paper with page numbers, do not type a page number into the header.

To set page numbers when the header area is selected:

1. Click on Page Number in the Header & Footer Tools tab.

2.  Select and click on the page number location and alignment that corresponds to your assignment requirements.