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GEOG 100: Course Guide (Gosia): Recommended Websites

This course guide is intended to help students in Gosia Bryja's GEOG 100 class with their research.

Advanced Google Searching

Google's search doesn't always bring you back the best results. You can get more accurate results using some of the search commands below.

Search technique Command Example

Site search

Lets you search within a single website or single type of site. Useful for searching within a specific trusted, news organization's site search words deforestation deforestation

Search for an exact phrase

"search words" "climate change"

Exclude words from your search

search words -word bears -Canada
Combine searches  this OR that homeless OR poverty
Search within the title of a page intitle:search words intitle:oil spills
Find a related page. Tell Google to find websites similar to one you like.