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CRIM 100: Course Guide (Stephanie): News Articles

Infographic with tips on spotting fake news including: Considering the source, reading beyond the headline, checking the author, looking at supporting sources, checking the date, considering whether it is a joke, considering your biases,and asking the experts

Using News Sources

News articles can come from databases, physical newspapers, and news websites. You might use news articles to: 

  • Highlight a recent crime or case
  • Discuss public reactions to a case or crime
  • Analyze media bias in reporting certain types of crimes

Evaluating News Sources

When using news sources, you must be careful to choose reliable news sources and to avoid sensationalist news. Anyone can create a website and make it look like a legitimate news source. However, some sites may publish intentionally misleading, heavily biased, or outright false news stories. 

The infographic on this page provides you with some factors to consider when selecting news sources. The video will help you distinguish fake news sites from legitimate news sites. If you're concerned about being able identify trustworthy sources, stick with the links provided at the top of this page.