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Science Denialism: Part 5. How to Talk To COVID Deniers


Instructions: Read the following article about talking to people who aren’t taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously, then complete parts A and B of the activity.

Article: What Do You Tell Someone Who Still Won’t Stay Home? A guide to convincing your loved ones to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously

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Activity: Talking to People Who Don't Take COVID Seriously

In part B of this activity you are asked to choose two scenarios. Here are the scenarios you can choose from.


Scenario 1. Your friends are planning a big house party because the bars are closed. “We’re young, we’ll be fine, and I’m not going to let COVID-19 shut down my social life” one of them tells you.

Scenario 2. Your parents were notified that someone in their church group tested positive for COVID-19 and they should self-isolate, but they don’t see the need to because they “probably didn’t catch it anyway and don’t want to spend two weeks indoors for no reason”.

Scenario 3. Your 90 year old grandmother refuses to let others do her grocery shopping for her, even though she has a weak immune system and needs to take the bus to the store. “I’ve survived worse, if it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go” she says.