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Science Denialism: Part 4. Facts to Fallacies


Instructions: Read the following article from CTV News and then complete parts A and B of the activity.

Article: 'Silent spreaders' may be responsible for half of U.S. COVID-19 cases, study finds

web of people

Activity: Facts to Fallacies

Note: In Part B of this activity, you are asked to write a short news article that presents some facts from the CTV News article distorted by logical fallacies.  

Here's an example of how you might distort a fact:

Fact: Study finds that asymptomatic or presymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 could be responsible for half of cases in USA.

Distorted fact: Since there’s no way to know for sure who has COVID-19 unless you test every single person every single day, there’s no way to stop the spread.