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Black Lives Matter Canada: Home

This guide is intended to provide an overview of anti-Black racism in Canada.

Black History in British Columbia

Worlds Within: Diverse Histories, Identities, and Experiences of Black People of African Ancestry in British Columbia

"This report is an output of the African Ancestry Project highlighting the diversity of Black people in BC. It shares our stories in our own voice by centering stories of over 160 project participants. We hope this resource will inspire dialogue around emergent themes and issues including multiculturalism and anti-racism and contribute towards positive social change." - BC Black History Awareness Society

Towards a Healthy City: Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Vancouver

This project aims to contribute to the attainment of the City of Vancouver's healthy city goals by reviewing the City's policies through an anti-Black racism lens. The project culminated in long-term and short-term recommendations which if adopted would assist the City in tackling anti-Black racism. The project entailed interviews with City staff, the Hogan's Alley Society, and select members of the Black community.

Hogan's Alley, Vancouver

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