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ANTH 230 (Introduction to Economic Anthropology) Course Guide: Finding Books

This guide is intended for students taking Anthropology 230 with Larry van der Est.

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Why use books?

Why use books for research? 

Books can be great sources for your research. They: 

  • Provide broad overviews of a topic 

  • Put your topic in context with other issues

  • Discuss big ideas or issues

Reading from books can make it easier for you to understand academic articles on the topic. 

Do I need to read a whole book? 

No, not usually. Just read what is useful to your research. You can start by reading the introduction of a book and any relevant chapters.


American Indians and the Market Economy, 1775-1850

Economic Spaces of Pastoral Production and Commodity Systems

Economies and Cultures

The Good Life:  Aspiration, Dignity, and the Anthropology of Wellbeing

Inalienable Possessions​

The Other Side of Eden​: Hunters, Farmers and the Shaping of the World

A Papuan Plutocracy

Persistence of the Gift: Tongan Tradition in Transnational Context

Political Economy, Neoliberalism, and the Prehistoric Economies of Latin America

Potlatch at Gitsegukla​

Sociology of Giving​

Subject searching

All library books have subjects assigned to them. Subjects are a bit like hashtags in that they group books on the same topic together. Once you've found one book on a topic, click on a subject to find more on that topic.