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ANTH 212 (Gender, Sex, and Culture) Course Guide: Home

This guide is intended for students registered in ANTH 212 taught by Larry van der Est.


Welcome to the ANTH 212 course guide! This guide is intended for students enrolled in ANTH 212: Gender, Sex and Culture.

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Key Resources

Assignment Calculators

These time management tools will help you break down your assignment into manageable steps, and create schedules for you to follow so you can complete your assignment on time!

National Geographic Special Issue: Gender Revolution

cover image of National Geographic's January 2017 special issue, Gender Revolution

National Geographic magazine's January 2017 issue is all about gender roles and identity across cultures, and is available online through MAS Ultra.

World Gender Customs

Suggested Keywords

When you search the library for books or articles, you will need to search using keywords. Unlike Google, our databases are not very smart and do not understand full sentences. 

To get you started, here's a list of keywords you may want to use when searching for sources:

  • "gender norms" OR "gender roles" OR "sex roles"
  • "cultural norms" OR "social norms"
  • sexuality OR "sexual orientation"
  • heterosexual OR homosexual 
  • masculine/masculinity OR feminine/femininity 
  • "gender identity" OR "gender expression"
  • "gender binary" OR "gender-variant" 
  • stereotypes OR sexism

These are just suggestions to get you started. The best keywords to use will depend on your paper topic. 

Learning to search databases takes practice and persistence! If you get stuck, try brainstorming new keywords or trying different combinations of keywords. If you're really stuck, come see a librarian for extra help. 

Video: Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression

True Colors Fund. (2015, December 16). Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression [Video file]. Retrieved from 

This video explains the difference between: sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. These key terms may be useful when you are searching for sources for your paper. 

Kumu Hina documentary

Watch the documentary film, Kuma Hina, on Netflix, or on Kanopy. Kuma Hina tells the story of Hina Wong-Kalu, a transgender native Hawaiian. The documentary also explores Hawaii's traditional embrace of māhū, or individuals who embody both male and female spirit.

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