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Psyc 217: Scholarly Article Autopsy: Scholarly Article Autopsy

Intended for students enrolled in Research Methods in Psychology with Crystal Ehresman.

Today's Activity

Today we are going to complete a scholarly article autopsy! This means we will examine an article and all its parts so that we can understand it better. For the activity:

  • Get into groups of 3
  • Make sure you have 1 worksheet per group
  • Assign each group member a role
  • Open the scholarly article and answer the questions under Part 1
  • Next, you will spend 4 minutes at each station, adding responses to the questions on the big sheets of paper
  • Finally, look at the comparison article and answer the questions under Part 3
  • Be prepared to share your responses with the class!

Scholarly Article

Please use the article below to complete Section 1 of your worksheet, and the group brainstorm questions: 

The Efficacy of Internal Family Systems Therapy in the Treatment of Depression Among Female College Students: A Pilot Study. 

Comparison Article

For the comparison article questions, please look at the article Most of Game of Thrones’ problems could be solved with therapy 


Post 2 major differences you noted to the Padlet below. Make sure to open the link in a Google Chrome browser: