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Giving Presentations

This guide will help you design and deliver an effective presentation. It's full of tips for both beginners, who need to learn the basics of delivering a presentation, as well as students who want to perfect their presentation skills.

Do I need to cite sources in a presentation? How do I cite sources?

All sources you use to create your presentation should be credited. There are a few ways you can cite your sources in a presentation:

  1. Provide references verbally and in a reference/works cited list on the last slide 
  2. Provide in-text citations as well as a reference/works cited list on the last slide

Make sure your audience knows where you got any information, images, videos or other sources you used to create your presentation. 

General citing tips also apply to presentations:
  1. Use a formal citation style.
  2. Apply the citation style consistently. Don't switch between APA and MLA.

For more help citing sources, check out the library's MLA and APA guides. 

How do I cite an online image in APA? 

Note: Applies to Graphs, Charts, Drawings, Tables and Photographs

To cite an image you got from the internet, follow this format: 

Figure x. Description of the image or image title if given. Adapted from "Title of Website," by Author/Creator's First Initial. Second Initial. Last Name if given, publication date if given, Title of Website. Retrieved Month, day, year that you last viewed the website, from url. Copyright date by Name of Copyright Holder.

Note: Information about the image is placed directly below the image in your assignment.














Figure 2. Table of symbols. Adapted from "Case One Study Results," by G. A. Black, 2006, Strong Online. Retrieved June 14, 2013, from http://www.strongonline/casestudies/one.html. Copyright 2010 by G.L. Strong Ltd.

How do I cite online images in MLA?

To cite an online image in MLA, you must cite the website where it came from. If you have downloaded the image from Google images or another search engine, click on the image to get to the site that posted it. Then, cite the website using the following format: 

Author's last name, First name. "Title of Webpage." Title of Website, date last updated or posted, URL.