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HIST 202: Course Guide: Find Books & eBooks

This guide is intended to help students in HIST 202 find, use and cite primary and secondary sources for their research.

Books on World History


Russian History

Spanning the divide between Europe and Asia, Russia is a multi-ethnic empire with a huge territory. In this Very Short Introduction, Geoffrey Hosking discusses all aspects of Russian history, from the struggle by the state to control society, Russia's relationship with the West/Europe, the Soviet experience, and the post-Soviet era.

A Concise History of Russia

The book traces not only the political history of Russia, but also developments in its literature, art, and science. Bushkovitch describes well-known cultural figures, such as Chekhov, Tolstoy, and Mendeleev in their institutional and historical contexts.

The Nineteenth Century: Europe, 1789-1914

In six chapters experts on the political, international, social, economic, cultural, and imperial history of the period address and answer the big questions of the period.

The First Total War: Napoleon's Europe and the Birth of Warfare As We Know It

Between 1792 and 1815, Europe plunged into an abyss of destruction. It was during this time, Bell argues, that our modern attitudes toward war were born.

1848 year of revolution

1848 tells the exhilarating story of Europe's violent "Spring of Nations" and traces its reverberations to the present day

The First World War

By the time the First World War ended in 1918, eight million people had died in what had been perhaps the most apocalyptic episode the world had known. This Very Short Introduction provides a concise and insightful history of the 'Great War', focusing on why it happened, how it was fought, and why it had the consequences it did.

The World War I Reader

Neiberg has selected a wide array of primary documents, ranging from government papers to personal diaries, demonstrating the war’s devastating effect on all who experienced it, whether President Woodrow Wilson, an English doughboy in the trenches, or a housewife in Germany. In addition to this material, each chapter in The World War I Reader contains a selection of articles and book chapters written by major scholars of World War I.

World War II: A Very Short Introduction

In this Very Short Introduction, Gerhard L. Weinberg provides an introduction to the origins, course, and impact of the war on those who fought and the ordinary citizens who lived through it.

The Oxford Illustrated History of World War II

A team of leading historians reassesses the conflict for a new generation, exploring the course of the war not just in terms of the Allied response but also from the view-point of the Axis aggressor states.

African History: A Very Short Introduction

This Very Short Introduction looks at Africa's past and reflects on the changing ways it has been imagined and represented. Key themes in current thinking about Africa's history are illustrated with a range of fascinating historical examples, drawn from over 5 millennia across this vast continent.

Find More Books

To search for books, use keywords that might appear in the title, summary or subjects of a book.

Advanced Search


1. Go to the library's homepage.

2. Scroll down and click on Find Materials.

3. Click on Find Books and eBooks.

4. Enter keywords related to your topic or the title of a book & hit search.

5. Use the options on the left-hand side to limit to books (which will only include print books) or eBooks.

  • Start simple. Try using just one or two keywords to start.
  • Search using a broad term to start. Ex: Racism instead of "Racial Profiling." If you get too many results, use narrower terms
  • Combine synonyms and related keywords with OR to get more results
  • Combine keywords representing different concepts with AND to get more specific results

When you want to find a specific book....

  • Try searching by the book's title only. If you get many results, try adding the author's or editor's name to your search