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Fake News: 3. Show What You Have Learned


Go to the satiric news site Real News Right Now.  This is an entire website of funny stories that people are intended to read for humour only.  Choose one story that interests you.  On the same page with your game scores, write down the title of the "news" story you have chosen, and explain why you think some people might believe it is a real news story.

Finally, on the same page please reflect on the question: What is one thing you can do to avoid being fooled by fake news in the future?  You may answer this question in a sentence or short paragraph.

This page should now have these things on it:

  • your name and student number
  • your scores from three rounds of Factitious
  • the title of a satiric news story from Real News Right Now, and your explanation for why people might believe it is real
  • your reflection on avoiding fake news in the future

Once you have completed all these steps, please take a picture of your answer page and upload it to the Student Portal.