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ARTH 240 (Global Encounters in Art) Course Guide: Need More Academic Sources?

This guide is intended to help students in ART 240 find resources for their research.

Free Art eBooks

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is an extra tool you can use to expand your search.

Keep in mind that this search engine takes you outside the College Library's journal and ebook subscriptions. Clicking the title of an article will take you to the publisher's website, where there will frequently be a paywall. Instead, click the links to the right of the search results to go to open access copies of articles (when these are available).

Advanced researcher tip:

Use the "Cited by" link below an article to do a "citation search." This will let you see later articles that cite this one. If you found a good article in a library database like JSTOR, you can copy and paste the title of the article into Google Scholar and click the "Cited by" link. This does not always provide relevant results, but sometimes you will find a newer article on a similar topic using this method.