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ART 240 (Art in Cultural Contact) Course Guide: Find eBooks

This guide is intended to help students in ART 240 find resources for their research.

Some eBooks for ART 240

Affect, Emotion, and Subjectivity in Early Modern Muslim Empires : New Studies in Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Art and Culture

Art and Architecture of Viceregal Latin America, 1521-1821

Art of India

Cultural Contact and the Making of European Art since the Age of Exploration


Dutch Art

Exiled in Modernity: Delacroix, Civilization, and Barbarism

James McNeill Whistler

Japonisme in Britain: Whistler, Menpes, Henry, Hornel and Nineteenth-century Japan

A King's Book of Kings: The Shah-nameh of Shah Tahmasp

The Legacy of Genghis Khan: Courtly Art and Culture in Western Asia, 1256–1353

Masterpieces of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Vol. 11, The Islamic World

Mughal Occidentalism : Artistic Encounters Between Europe and Asia at the Courts of India, 1580-1630

Persian Art: Image Making in Eurasia

Persian Tiles

Prints and People: A Social History of Printed Pictures

Rethinking Japanese Modernism

Speaking of Spain: the Evolution of Race and Nation in the Hispanic World

Traditional African Art: an Illustrated Study

Finding books & ebooks

Search here for eBooks.


  • Surprisingly, ebooks can sometimes be easier to understand than highly specialized journal articles. You are looking for a good chapter, or even introduction, not an entire book to read! 
  • Combining the level of analysis you may find in a book with the analysis found in an article makes your research not only easier but more interesting.
  • Search using words that might appear in the title, summary or subjects of a book.
  • Try searching for artist's names rather than specific artworks.
  • Try broadening your search to the artistic movement they are associated with, the time period, the genre (eg "casta paintings"), or their country of origin.
  • Use the table of contents and "Search within" tool in an ebook to identify a useful chapter or section.

How to Find and Access eBooks